flojo Co-ordination & Branding

We specialise in the organisation of events, corporate and private functions, decor, conferences, training and team builds, accommodation and tours

To complete our package we offer corporate gifts, clothing, printing and branding.

We pride ourselves in providing a professional service to all aspects of successful event requirements including:

  • • Locating suitable venues that consider budget, needs and type of event
  • • Negotiating the best possible rates
  • • Providing ideas on suitable themes and decor
  • • Conference packages, registration
  • • Guest speakers, Trainers and Facilitators
  • • Team building activities
  • • Exhibitions
  • • Trade Fairs
  • • Fun Runs
  • • Tours, Transport and Accommodation
  • • Branding & Printing

For every event

  • • We deliver a professional, cost effective service from conception to completion
  • • We are able to secure all the necessary preliminary bookings and arrangements
  • • We confer with clients and service providers before, during and after any event
  • • We maintain a positive working relationship with all the team players involved and respond to all inquiries and requests in a timeous manner
  • • We ensure a smooth, stress free happening!
  • • We look forward to being of service to you!

Additional experience

Florence has 25 years experience as National Visual Merchandising Manager with a large retail outlet of which 5 years were spent Internationally.